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The Crown of Halacha

The Illustrated Kosher Kitchen Course

The Illustrated Kosher Kitchen was created to teach you how to set up and maintain a kosher kitchen. The lessons were designed by using the entertaining story of a newly married lady setting up her kitchen according to clear and simple kashrut instructions. In addition, the text includes illustrations and annotations which provide an entertaining educational forum.

There is something here for everyone, whether they are new at keeping kosher or have been doing so for years. As modern kitchens have become bigger and filled with more gadgets, the need for learning the laws for a kosher kitchen have never been more important. Covering everyday situations like chopping onions in a food processor, mixing milk and meat dishes in the dishwasher, microwave management and how to know if your challah is parve; these lessons run the full gambit of common shilos and more.

Yeshiva Keter HaTorah will send you an email twice a week with a link to every upcoming Shiur which will help set a pace. The learning program is for 3 months. On conclusion of the course there will be an open book test, based on the lessons you have learned. After passing the exam you will receive a certificate that you can proudly hang in your kitchen!

We will be available for any questions that may arise. Email us and we will get right back to you.