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The Crown of Halacha


R’ Channen is a tour de force his sheer happiness and mildness of character made learning this difficult material a joy. He is an unsurpassed breadth of knowledge and is on call at any time for anybody his students I don’t think I could have completed this course without his patience and cheerfulness that made learning so exciting additionally he brings to life many difficult topics and really works with students who find things a bit more challenging I only have complements to shower on such an incredible experience.
-David A, Ramat Bet Shemesh
quotation-mark-grayI have recently finished learning issur v’heter with Rabbi Channen. With a busy and stressful professional life and very frequent travelling, finding time to learn Torah, let alone complex halachic material, with any quality was always a challenge. Learning with Rabbi Channen changed all that. This was a structured, rigourous program, with regular testing, and a clear end goal in sight. The program had a greatly positive impact on my family, and of course on me personally – I found time I never knew I had. Rabbi Channen delivers his shiurim with clarity and charisma, and every question is dealt with clarity and kavod, instilling that same sense of kavod habriot into the talmidim and in their approach to psak halacha. It was a wonderful experience, and I look forward to learning with Rabbi Channen for many more years to come.
-Phil, Modiin
quotation-mark-gray I have known the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Daniel Channen, for thirteen years. I received Smicha from him and found his courses comprehensive. Rav Channen has an amazing ability to explain complex principles in a patient, clear, vibrant and concise manner. Anyone who takes his courses seriously will succeed and be well versed in the material.
-Robert L. Karr, Administrative Law Judge. Passaic, New Jersey