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The Crown of Halacha

Mishna Berura

The Smicha program is based on the Yeshiva ‘Ner Yisroel’ model.

It goes thru all 6 Chalakim of Mishna Berura, with a very strong emphasis on Aruch Hashulchan.

The shiur is very practical, teaching real life circumstances from the moment one wakes up in the morning until going to sleep.

It covers the Laws of Tefilah, Brachos, Shul, Work, Shabbos, Holidays, and many more aspects of being a Religious Jew in today’s society.

The goal of the shiur is that every person should achieve the level of understanding to be able to decide the Halacha in every circumstance of life.

Whether you are looking to be a Rov of a community, a school, or just want to raise your family properly, these Halachos are essential, and must be known like the back of your hand.