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The Crown of Halacha

For Alumni

This is the place for all past and present YKHT Talmidim to find a chavrusa, stay up to date with YKHT news and events, and sharpen your Halachic skills.


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Hebrew of Zevulun Title

Semichas Zevulun

For every Zevulun, there is a Yissacher. Unfortunately, not every Yissacher is properly supported in his learning and as a result, there are great amounts of “Revelations of Torah that could bring an influx of love into the world” being withheld.

We are appealing to you to be that Zevulun and step forward to join forces with the Yissacher Talmidim of our online Yeshiva to increase Torah learning in the world.

Specifically, we are asking you to support a future alumnus with a one-year scholarship (approximately) in order to help him acquire Semicha.

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